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We offer signs for most needs, in various materials, sizes, colours and shapes. On our Design Page you can design signs to match your precise requirements. Design personal name badges to attach to clothing, letterbox signs, door signs, advertising signs, welcome signs and much more. Whether you are looking for a sign for a fair, a name badge, a simple house sign or a company sign, we have the exact signs to match your needs and a variety of materials and designs to choose from. Create a professional company sign in acrylic, an advertising sign in weatherproof aluminium, a stylish and practical roll-up for a fair, small engraved plastic labels or why not a colourful car magnet?

A sign can have various functions. It can create order and provide information, help sell something, or provide a warning, guidance or clarification. Many people choose to decorate their home with signs. If you are looking for a decoration in a traditional, time-honoured style, why not choose one of our engraved wood signs? Decorating your home or workplace with posters is another popular and cost-friendly option. You can update a room or office with the right wall decoration. Create your own little messages, words of wisdom or reproduce a famous quote on a sign, poster or fridge magnet. Signs with funny messages can be the perfect gift for a friend, or as a wedding or birthday gift.

It is important for a sign to be suitable for its location, so there’s a huge range of sign types to choose from. Do you want a banner, roll-up, decal, aluminium sign, plastic sign, acrylic sign, brass sign, wood sign, magnetic sign or vinyl text? Different materials are suitable for different uses. While an aluminium sign holds up well outdoors in all weathers, roll-ups are better for indoor events. You can read more about our products, their properties and uses under Products.

Where should you put your sign? Is it a house number sign, a road sign, a company sign or a window decoration for a shop? When you select a location you need to consider the physical size of the product, bearing in mind that this is linked to how much space you have for your signage. Company signs with a logo should be visible and easy to read, making it clear where the company is located. A window decal that provides information about the shop’s opening hours should instead be adapted to the size of the window, and a door sign to the size of the door. To ensure that you will be satisfied with your sign, we recommend that you measure the area where your sign will be placed before you begin designing it.

Many companies use signs in their marketing, which is an inexpensive and effective way to publicize their products and services and reach a wide audience. A company can use signs to attract attention and increase brand awareness. The type of sign you should choose depends mainly on what you want to promote and where your marketing will have the greatest impact. Should it be an advertising sign along a motorway, a poster in town or a banner over a shop doorway? Banners are often an unbeatable way of communicating with customers and the outside world. Convey the right message by using colour, shape, font, text size and images. On the Design Page you can create designs to match your own wishes and needs. Select a suitable material, determine the colour, shape and font, and add any text and upload images or a logo. The only limit is your imagination.

How should I fix the sign? Depending on the material and where you want to put your sign, there are various fixing methods available, with some being more suitable than others. Before you choose a fixing method, you should check that the surface where the sign is to be mounted will work with your preferred fixing method. Is the sign to be put up on a brick wall, a wooden wall, a stone or a post? An aluminium sign, for example, is best secured using screws, adhesive tape, a standoff, flag attachment or pole attachment. Letterbox signs are often ordered with tape that adheres well to flat, dry surfaces. For labels, tape or screws are recommended. If you are looking for a sign that gives a more modern and more exclusive impression, an acrylic sign with a standoff may be the best option. You will find the various fixing methods offered for each product on our Design Page.

Engraving or printing? We manufacture engraved plastic and wood signs. If you are looking for durable and weather-resistant signs for outdoor use, engraved plastic signs may be the best option. Wood signs made from MDF are suitable for indoor use. Our aluminium, acrylic and brass signs, banners, decals, roll-ups and magnetic signs are all manufactured using digital printing. They are durable, high-quality UV-resistant signs. If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible material with printing, plastic signs made from foamed PVC (Forex) are recommended. They are often used as advertising signs, company signs, office signs and information signs. With their light weight, they are ideal for display at fairs and as interior signs.

Not sure which sign to choose? Do you need tips and advice on designing your sign? You are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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