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Information on Meeting room signs

An office should be welcoming, it should give a sense of belonging and it should do it in a logical way. Signs are as important as other furniture. Align them with the rest of your office design and you will get a perfect combination enhancing your company’s image and style.

Meeting room signs can give your office that little extra push of professionalism needed to convince your customers or clients of your product or service. The overall impression is important when welcoming guests to your office and meeting room signs are the last piece of puzzle.

Product description

Materials suitable for meeting room signs:

Which fixing methods are suitable for meeting room signs?

Your choice of fixing method depends on which material you’re choosing. Below you’ll find a list of our most common fixing methods for the abovementioned materials:

  • Screw
  • Adhesive tape (very strong)
  • Sign holder – door
  • Screw with screwcap
  • Standoff
  • Suction cups

Different material sizes

Brass – Minimum 50x18 mm and maximum 400x300 mm. Thickness: 0.51 – 8 mm.
Acrylic – Minimum 100x50 mm and maximum 1400x900 mm. Thickness: 6 mm.
Plastic – Minimum 25x10 mm and maximum 1000x1000 mm. Thickness 0.8 – 3 mm
Wood – Minimum 30x30 mm and maximum 1100x1100 mm. Thickness 4 mm.
Aluminium – Minimum 70x30 mm and maximum 2000x1200 mm. Thickness 1.5 mm.
Contour cut – Minimum 1x15 mm and maximum 560x560 mm. Thickness 3.2 mm.
Eco Board – Minimum 30x30 mm and maximum 1100x700 mm. Thickness 2 mm.

Expected lifetime for our meeting room signs

Most of the meeting room signs are for indoor use, which means they will last for as long as you wish to keep them. However, if you wish to use them as door signs outdoor, we recommend you buy the aluminium, acrylic or engraved plastic signs, which will last for about 7–10 years outdoors.

Meeting Room Signs Your Way

Let your office become even more stylish with meeting room signs. Put them on the door, on the wall or place them on the glass – it’s your choice and you design them however you like. Customise them according to the design of your office and in line with your company’s graphic design.

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