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Information on shed signs

Of course, shed signs are primarily intended for sheds. However, over the years this category of sign has become even broader than that, and now includes signs for stores, huts, sheds and carpentry workshops. Shed signs often have a somewhat humorous character, although they can also have an informative function. Text such as “My Shed – My Rules” or “A man’s Shed is his Castle” clearly indicate who’s in charge and keeping order in a particular shed.

Create your own personalised shed sign and show what the shed is for, who’s the boss or just offer a touch of humour.

A small summer cottage, a cabin on an allotment or a tool shed – shed signs make everywhere cosier. A sign that can welcome with a friendly message or indicate who’s in charge and keep unauthorised visitors at a distance.

Shed signs – examples

My shed!

A very common shed sign is the one that shows who’s the boss. Give a friend a personal shed sign indicating that this is his/her space, where creative joy has free rein.  

What’s for sale?

Some sheds sign are used to attract passers-by to products manufactured on site. A small farm shop can attract visitors with products, refreshments or just a relaxing break from everyday stress. 

Interior signs

Over the years, signs with an interior design theme have become increasingly common. These are used primarily to keep things nice and neat, and to create atmosphere. As a result, they have also begun to be found in places other than on or in the shed. 

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