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Information on Reception signs

Reception is an important space in many businesses and companies. This is the place where the visitor or the customer can inquire. No need to bother everyone in the neighbourhood. At the reception, you can ask for directions, inquire about the possibility, or not, of meeting up with someone working at the company, or simply secure your keys, for example, if it is a hotel.

Reception is the showcase of any establishment. It enables the customer or the visitor to get an idea, even if it is only approximate, of the level of professionalism of the company. A disappointed visitor at reception is unlikely to be seduced by the company, whatever its reputation. The choice of signage must be very carefully done. Some companies or firms may opt for whimsical ‘Reception’ signs while others have a vested interest in choosing conventional and sober ‘Reception’ signs. To differentiate themselves from others, one can also choose to think outside the box.

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