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Information on acrylic signs

If you’re looking for an exclusive, professional feel, an acrylic sign is the perfect alternative. This type of sign is also known as a perspex sign or plexiglass sign.

Acrylic signage can be ordered in any size from 100 x 50 mm up to 1400 x 900 mm. They are made from transparent acrylic that is 6 mm thick. Text and image are printed digitally directly onto the rear of the sign material.

Acrylic signage are used outdoors and indoors, above all in company environments to create a slightly more luxurious atmosphere. A perspex sign is a popular choice for any office, professional setting or home due to it's professional and modern look.

Our acrylic signs are 100% customizable. We offer a huge range of colours, shapes, backgrounds, fixings and sizes to fit your specific needs.

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Acrylic + aluminium backplate

We offer modern acrylic signs with an aluminium backplate. Our double plated acrylic signs have a 6 mm acrylic front plate and a 3 mm aluminium composite (Gobond) back plate, which complements the acrylic beautifully. With standoffs the sign projects out from the wall, creating a sense of depth.

An acrylic sign with an aluminium backplate is a perfect choice if you are looking for a clean and sophisticated look. The double plated sign is a stylish and elegant alternative that adds a modern touch to any home or business. 

Create modern contemporary acrylic signs using our Design Page. Add street name, street number or family name to your custom house plaque.

Acrylic business signs

Showcase your company with a professional acrylic business signs.  Our custom acrylic signs are the perfect alternative if you want to welcome your visitors with style.

Acrylic business signs are easy to create. Add your business logo, an image or add your own text. We use high quality digital print, which makes the acrylic signs durable and long-lasting.

Acrylic signs with standoff

We offer modern and elegant acrylic standoff signs. Standoff mounted signs allows the sign to “stand off” the wall and adds a unique, upscale look to any space. Standoff signs are often used in professional settings as they are great for displaying a business logo or a brand.

With our stainless steel standoff fixings, the sign extends 19 mm out from the wall, which gives the sign more depth and adds a 3-dimensional appearance. Standoff signs offer a nice clean look, are perfect for outside use and can easily be mounted on a house wall or façade.

Use our Design Page to design a unique standoff sign that meets your requirements.

Clear or frosted acrylic signs?

We offer clear acrylic signs as well as acrylic signs with a frost-effect. Our frosted acrylic signs are provided with a frost laminate making the sign translucent. For those wanting to add a little colour to the sign can easily choose from our colour palette on the Design Page.

Advantages of acrylic signs

Acrylic is a lightweight material that can easily be fixed to any building. The material is similar to that of glass, but not fragile. Acrylic is a long-lasting material that can be used both inside and outside. Our acrylic signs are made to last 7-10 years in an outside environment.

Acrylic signs are affordable for the professional look they provide. They are popular throughout many industries and are commonly used as business signs, both in- and outdoors. They are also popular as house signs.

Acrylic signage are available in thousands of combinations. Design unique acrylic signs in your desired colour, shape and size. Or create an acrylic sign with an aluminium backplate for your house.


Acrylic signs, plexiglass signs or perspex signs, as they are also called, are for those who want to create a more exclusive an sophisticated feel. Some common uses include:

Company signs – above all the signs that present a company at its entrance. There are also companies that want to convey an exclusive feel throughout the office and so order door signs, toilet signs and other signs in acrylic. 

House signs, interior signs and other signs in the home that need a little emphasis are also particularly suited to plexiglass. 

Available fixing methods

Screw with screw cap
Flag attachment
Ceiling suspension using wires

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