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Information on Construction signs

The use of construction signs is twofold: firstly, for safety measures, and secondly for information purposes.

Construction is a notoriously dangerous field of business, involving a great deal of manual work by labourers and the handling of heavy objects. This is often carried out whilst working in a not-so-safe environment, for instance due to unfinished ceilings, working at altitude, making use of scaffolding, dealing with risks of trips and falls from heights and also having to combat the weather conditions, which could pose an increased risk to workers. For this reason, construction signs come in handy and are obligatory, as imposed by Health and Safety organizations.

Construction signs inform all workers of the dangers inherent on particular construction sites, as well as keeping workers informed of the necessary safety gear and equipment they must utilize - the most obvious being hard hats which fit properly, and safety shoes. Nowadays, greater awareness is being raised on protecting workers from the harmful effects of constantly being exposed to the sun.

Informative construction signs can be seen on any construction site, on which details of the permit number and the proposed building or development are displayed on a notice attached to the façade of the construction site.

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