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Do not enter sign

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Information on Do not enter sign

Signage on doors has multiple uses. A primary use is a simple welcome or the name of the shop or business, thus allowing potential customers to know what the business is about. These signs need to be clear and easy to read and visible from afar so that customers have the chance to decide on whether they want to visit. For this type of door sign it is important to design it with the message the business wishes to convey. It is important that these signs are welcoming and enticing to potential visitors, and we can help you convey the right message with the right sign.

Other options for door signs include instructions. These signs can be to label a door as an entrance or exit. A ‘Do Not Enter’ sign can be extremely important, especially if your business is dealing with hazardous materials. These types of signs need to feature a clear and bold font that is easily readable from a distance. It helps if these signs are in bold and bright colours. Usually signs that are informative in this fashion will be in a red colour, which automatically indicates a warning and is immediately off-putting to anyone intending to use that door. This is ideal for preventing people using a door that is not intended for their use. Other warning or instructional signs such as push and pull or staff only will also be useful in helping both public and staff in the offices.

Here at Signomatic we know how important these instructional signs can be for safety and security. We can help you make your staff and you customer’s safety a priority by designing the most suitable signs for your business. We can also help you can choose the material best suited for indoor or outdoor use, as well as the most eye-catching colour scheme and font.

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