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Information on nursing care name badges

In addition to receiving care, it is important for hospital visitors to be treated in a friendly and personal manner by hospital employees. A name badge can clearly communicate who is providing care to the patient, for instance, whether it is a nurse or doctor.

Good name badges in nursing care make it easy for patients to see the professional affiliation and name of the person they are talking to. This makes it easier for future care and communication. Signomatic offers plastic and wooden name badges. Choose what best matches your personality or workplace!

In addition to the size and material of the badge, there are three main things to keep in mind when designing name badges for healthcare.

Name badges for nursing staff


Even if the name is in the centre, it is also important that the professional affiliation is clear. This reassures the patient regarding who is giving them information and what professional group to turn to if additional questions arise. 


A small symbol can transform an impersonal and formal name badge into something perceived as significantly warmer. This is common among assistant nurses and nurses working with babies and children. It is also nice to include a symbol indicating a hobby. A symbol of a football for a football fan can create agreeable discussions with patients. 


For greater clarity for patients, Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden decided in 2012 that all name badgers of nursing staff should have a colour based on occupation. For example, name badges for nurses were blue, for doctors the colour was red, while assistant nurses wore green badges. Since then a number of hospitals have adopted a similar system, something that appears to be appreciated by patients. Check the rules for your workplace. 

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