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How to design Contour-cut signs on Design Page

Our contour-cut signs are made from 3.2 mm thick plastic and can be ordered in either black and white. The material is acrylic plastic. A contour-cut sign comes with a self-adhesive backing and adheres well to walls, doors and other flat surfaces, both indoors and out. Contour-cut signs can be ordered in sizes from 15 mm up to 560 mm. 

Step 1.

On the Design Page, add text by clicking “Text” in the left hand column. Here you can add a text object that you can adapt in terms of font, colour, text size, and bold or italic.

Step 2.

To adjust the size of the letters or numbers, increase or decrease them by selecting the object and dragging the blue corner markers to adjust. 
It is also possible to adjust the text size under “Text”. 

Step 3.

Check how large the contour-cut letters or numbers will be, look under “Size”, where you will find the height and width of the sign. 

Step 4.

Done! Your contour-cut sign will be manufactured and delivered to you within a few days. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or call +44 1489 326052.

We also offer all our customers free quotes – to ensure that you get your sign precisely how you want it. 

See our range of contour-cut signs here.

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