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Tow away signs

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Information on Tow away signs

The number of cars used on the roads is growing rapidly worldwide. Owning your own means of transport makes it easier and more comfortable to move around. However, it is also important to be able to park when you go to an appointment or when you go shopping. The parking areas are generally quite numerous in the big cities and even in small towns. But there are spaces where, for reasons of safety or convenience, it is impossible to allow vehicles to be parked, unless they are emergency services. The parking ‘Tow-Away’ signs inform drivers that their vehicles will be confiscated and towed if they decide to brave the ban.

The use of signs is of paramount importance in the presence of schools, hospitals, clinics, certain companies, and especially in front of buildings, where traffic is very agitated. But they can be placed anywhere depending on the specificities of the area. They have their place even in parks or nature reserves. There are mainly three sub-categories of parking tow-away signs. These include no-parking tow-away signs, auto-boot parking signs, as well as reserved parking tow-away signs. The design of these signs is classical, as always and the colours are practically the same. However, the buyer can customize the signs as he wishes.

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