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Swim at your own risk signs

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Information on Swim at your own risk signs

Even though swimming conditions at beaches are not always optimal, and lifeguards in attendance advise this by means of different coloured flags, sometimes bathers cannot be bothered about these warnings and notices, and still insist on entering the water. At times, the beach looks safe from the shore. However, there may be underlying currents or adverse weather conditions further out to sea, which go unnoticed at first.

For this reason, ‘Swim at Your Own Risk’ signs are required at almost every beach. This serves as a disclaimer by the authorities, that although the swimmer was informed in different ways (as above), they still opted to ignore these safety warnings and enter the sea.

‘Swim at Your Own Risk’ signs need to be designed on strong and durable material, as they will be exposed to violent weather conditions in certain periods of the year.

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