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Street name signs

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Information on street name signs

Our contemporary life is extremely restless. Time is money, and it is a pity to lose it by trying to find a street or a building. In large metropolises and even in small towns, it’s essential to be able to move quickly and without any difficulty from point A to point B. How can you deliver an order, online or not, if you can’t find a delivery address? It’s just an example, but this explains why street names signs are so important.

The use of street name signs is not only related to convenience. Very often, lives depend on them. It is difficult to imagine the fate of a person in distress, if the help he has called fails to find him. Signs are used in almost all countries of the world, or at least all developed countries.

They are usually controlled by the authorities, but this does not mean that they have a monopoly on the matter. Signs can be ordered by companies, supermarkets, communities and even individuals. These signs can be fixed on a wall as in almost all European countries, or suspended in the street as in the U.S. Street name signs may be written in one or more languages.

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