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School crossing signs

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Information on School crossing signs

In theory, it is almost impossible not to notice the presence of a school, even if the neighbourhood in which it is located is unfamiliar. In theory, it is also almost impossible not to recognize that children in these areas will be crossing the road. But all this is just theory, because in practice, unfortunately, many children die each year from inattentive drivers. They do not notice children when they cross the street or simply do not have the inbuilt safety reflex to slow down near a school. The ‘School Crossing’ signs are intended to remind them constantly.

They indicate to drivers that they are in a sensitive area and that inappropriate behaviour will put children's lives at risk. ‘School Crossing’ signs are usually large enough to be seen by all, day and night, even if weather conditions are poor. They are placed in several locations around the school so drivers have time to notice and follow the instructions mentioned therein. ‘School Crossing’ signs have educational value for drivers, but they also help to keep children safe outside of school. The colours used (yellow background and black text) must catch the attention of everyone in the vicinity in order to avoid unfortunate accidents. Their presence is important in all schools

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