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Keep off grass signs

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Information on Keep off grass signs

Are you tired of people trespassing over your lawn or freshly sown vegetables or flowers? Do you want to keep your turf looking clean and green? Whether you own a private lawn or garden, or you are after protecting property in a public place or garden, then you are in need of ‘Keep Off Grass’ signs.

‘Keep Off Grass’ signs are quite standard in design, but should you require anything different from the norm, at Signomatic we could design the perfect sign for your requirements. These signs could vary in size and colour but are usually designed over a green background with white text and optional graphics. The most commonly found is a picture of a foot treading on the grass with ‘X’ over it, indicating it is forbidden to step on the grass.

‘Keep Off Grass’ signs are usually mounted on plastic or aluminium frames and rooted into the lawn or grass with sturdy poles and pegs.

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