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Disabled parking signs

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Information on Disabled parking signs

‘Disabled Parking’ signs should be as clear and eye-catching as possible. It is essential that disabled parking is accessible and easy to find and ‘Disabled Parking’ signs are vital in ensuring this. Without clear signage it is likely that the individuals who need disabled parking will be greatly inconvenienced. With this in mind, our Disabled Parking Signs are eye-catching, clear and attractive and adhere to the necessary regulations.

Each of our ‘Disabled Parking’ signs prominently features the International Symbol of Accessibility so as to help drivers differentiate between spaces which are free for everyone to use and spaces which are reserved for disabled permit holders. Disabled parking must be very clearly signposted so as to prevent confusion and to ensure that drivers do not mix-up disabled spaces with other available spaces in the vicinity. Such a mistake could result in a shortage of spaces for disabled permit holders and must be avoided at all costs.

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