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More information on our stickers

Where do you want your personalised stickers? Well, if you’re ordering them from us, you can place them wherever you wish; on the window, your car, your laptop or as labels on boxes and storage containers in your home. Wherever you choose to put your stickers, we have the solution. Here, you can design your stickers exactly the way you want. Because one thing is certain, we all can use some form of stickers every now and then – whether it's about aesthetically marking something to cheer one up or for practical purposes and organizing.

Create your own stickers and attach them to your neatly organized kitchen or wardrobe drawers – talk about an extra professional touch. But stickers are not only suitable for private use. You can use them on your car to promote your business, on store windows to inform your customers, or in the office or warehouse to help colleagues find important things as well.

You decide the colour, size, and application area – we'll produce it for you. Get started and watch your unique art come to life.

Product Description

Our stickers are made of UV-resistant and waterproof PVC film, and the design you choose is digitally printed. In other words, you can use our stickers both outdoors and indoors. There's also the option to mirror the design if you want to place the product on the inside of a window, for example.

Sticker sizes

  • Minimum size is 15x15 mm.
  • Maximum size is 1200x1000 mm.
  • Thickness varies between 0.075 - 0.205 mm (75-205µ).

Varieties of Stickers

If you choose to buy this product it will always come with a background – whether you choose it in colour or transparent. If you want contour cut designs, we have that too; you can find it under the product "vinyl lettering" instead.

If you want to order stickers on sheets or order multi-coloured contour-cut vinyls you are very welcome to contact us, and we'll sort it out for you. You can reach us by phone at 01489 326052 and email on info@signomatic.cie.

How to Make Your Own Stickers

With us, you create the stickers exactly as you want them. Using our Design Page, you can choose the product, size, shape, fixing method, colour, and design in several steps. It's easy and quick. If you're unsure if the design has the right resolution or if you have any questions, just reach out to us. We want your personalised stickers to be exactly as you want them.

How to Apply Our Stickers

How to Remove Stickers

If you need to remove your stickers, there are several ways to do it. You can heat the area, wet it, or try scraping it off if the surface allows it. Make sure to clean the area afterwards to prevent any marks.

Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries

As mentioned, we can also handle special orders. This could be if you need a specific material, shape, or colour that we don't have in our standard range. Talk to us, and we'll solve your needs in a smooth and flexible way.
Phone: 01489 326052

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