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No swimming signs

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Information on No swimming signs

‘No Swimming’ signs might be required in a variety of instances. Where there is water which is deep enough for a person to bathe in, it would be wise to install a ‘No Swimming’ sign in the area, to draw the attention of passers-by or visitors to this restriction.

These signs could be positioned next to decorative fountains in the outdoor areas of hotels, or decorative waterfalls in various establishments, open aquariums or fish ponds in parks and other establishments. These signs could also be placed in areas where the sea is not clean enough and, therefore, where swimming is not recommended.

Signs need to be visible and legible, and many a time graphics are included too - usually showing a swimmer with a cross over the picture, indicating that swimming is forbidden. The signs could be free-standing, wall-mounted or pinned to the ground, and could be as small or as large as is necessary.

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