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No bullying signs

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Information on No bullying signs

Every year, we stand by helplessly and watch the suicide statistics of children continue to rise. Often, some of these tragedies may have been avoided if the school at which they attended took precautions to prevent them from being heckled, bullied and insulted by their classmates. While teachers cannot control each child and prevent him or her from behaving in an unpleasant manner towards a classmate, the ‘No Bullying’ signs remind them that this is unacceptable behaviour.

‘No Bullying’ signs have mostly an educational value. They teach children to behave normally, but also to take the necessary precautions not to be intimidated by bullies too. ‘No Bullying’ signs remind those who have bad behaviour that it will not be tolerated by teachers and all the school staff in general. As for the victims, they can feel a sense of trust in their environment, knowing that they can ask for help from the responsible adults around them. These signs are important and should be erected in all schools.

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