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Neighborhood watch signs

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Information on Neighborhood watch signs

Oftentimes it is important to inform people that a specific action is taking place in a certain area. This is particularly true when it comes to suburban areas where the area may seem quiet. In these areas ‘Neighborhood Watch’ signs are particularly important. This type of sign simultaneously gives comfort to those who are residing within the area – letting them know they are protected ‒ and provides a warning to those who may have ill intentions.

‘Neighborhood Watch’ signs are usually not so large but will be placed very regularly throughout the watched area. They can be attached to lampposts of traffic lights and should be of a convenient height so that both drivers and pedestrians can view them easily.

Usually these signs have a bright yellow background with black text. This usually comes in the form of a circle in the centre containing an image of a group of people including one police officer. Around the edge are the words ‘Neighborhood Watch’. The text above and below this graphic can vary from ‘This is a … Area,’ and ‘Warning … Area.’ The text around the image in the centre is automatically included.

This style of sign has little variance across the world making it highly recognizable.

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