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Machine safety signs

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Information on Machine safety signs

A hefty thirty per cent of all workplace injuries take place whilst operating machinery. Such is true mostly of industrial machinery, with woodworking and metal grinding machinery at the top end of the spectrum of the most severe injuries reported over the past ten years. Employees and workers need to be safe when operating machinery. Even though most machinery is nowadays automated, a great deal of manual handling such as feeding, assembling and stacking still takes place. For this reason, employees need to be constantly warned of the dangers involved in operating particular machinery and machine safety signs are a must for almost all industrial enterprises.

Health and Safety regulations need to be adhered to at all times at the workplace to minimize accidents. Governmental institutions impose certain regulations on companies involved in the use of heavy engineering and hazardous machinery.

For this reason, machine safety signs are designed in such a way to always draw the attention of the machine operator to the risks involved, as well as advising on safety measures that need to be taken e.g. ‘wear safety helmet’ ‘nobody is allowed beyond this point’ ‘attention – moving parts’.

Well-designed machine safety signs will most definitely be an added safety measure to your company’s established set of safety rules.

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