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Information on Help wanted signs

For all businesses, at some point it will be necessary for the proprietor to advertise a job vacancy. Many people are, of course, always looking for a job and may come in with a resume on the off chance the business is hiring, but there is no point waiting for that, the business should promote it themselves.

The standard format here is to use a red and white sign. The lettering tends to be in capitals to add a sense of urgency and also simply to stand out. There are few different ways to word it; it can be simply ‘Help Wanted,’ ‘Now Hiring,’ or even just ‘Job Vacancies’. Whatever the message, it needs to be clear and visible. Depending on the type of business, these signs can be designed to be a little more fun to give an indication of the desired atmosphere of the workplace.

This brings us to placement. This type of sign doesn’t need to be too big and can simply be placed in a window or door where it will be viewable by anyone entering. It can also be placed behind a counter or even as a little plaque on the counter next to the till, anywhere that a customer and potential employee will see it.

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