Double-sided signs

Double-sided signs are a perfect option for those looking for a sign to be visible from both sides. We offer double-sided signs in aluminium and plastic. Text and image are printed digitally in the colour of your choice on the surface of the sign. The best choice of material depends on how the sign will be used, and where.

Double-sided aluminium signs

If you want a double-sided aluminium sign, you can simply choose this option on the Design Page. Our double-sided signs are aluminium composite (Gobond), which is a sandwich layer with a 0.18-0.3 mm aluminium surface and a polyethylene core. The material is 3 mm thick and can be ordered in sizes from 70 x 30 mm up to 1400 x 1400 mm. Aluminium composite is an affordable alternative and is excellent as display material, perfect for anyone wanting a stable sign to decorate the store or company with. The sign is suitable for both indoor (as interior decoration) and outdoor use. Like our other aluminium signs, these maintain a high quality, although their life expectancy outside is slightly shorter and is estimated to be 3-5 years. Choose between a surface made from brushed aluminium, white/matt or in colour. The signs can easily be hung or attached standing out from, for instance, a wall, using our flag attachment. Select the fixing method of your choice on our Design Page.

Double-sided plastic signs with colour printing

If you want double-sided plastic signs, you can easily select this on our Design Page. Our plastic signs with colour printing are made from foam PVC (Forex). This is an affordable option for those looking for an easily bendable, relatively firm, lightweight material. Our plastic signs have a minimum size of 70 x 30 mm and a maximum size of 1000 x 1000 mm. All the signs are 3 mm thick. These signs can be ordered with screws, tape, flag attachment or for hanging. Our plastic signs with colour printing can be used both indoors and outdoors, but last longer when used indoors. The estimated life expectancy for outdoor use is 1-3 years.


Double-sided signs are perfect for those who want the information to be clearly visible from two directions. The signs can be hung (using a hook or chain, for instance) or mounted standing out from a wall (using a flag attachment). Common uses are instruction signs, street signs, shop signs, wall signs, brass plates, etc.

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