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Restricted area signs

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Information on Restricted area signs

There are many reasons why a zone may be restricted. It can be a secret site that only certain people can and must access. It can also be a hazardous area that should be avoided: a dangerous stream, a cliff, unstable ground, etc. This may be an area in which unsafe work is taking place. The area may be contaminated or it may be simply a wildlife reserve with dangerous animals.

Since it is impossible to supervise everyone who wants to cross the area, the presence of signs is necessary. They don't give the reason why this area should not be crossed, but clearly indicate to visitors that they are formally prohibited from entering the area. The use of ‘Restricted Area’ signs is essential in companies, laboratories, museums, parks, supermarkets, beaches, nature reserves and many other public spaces. ‘Restricted Area’ signs will also find their place in purely private areas such as farms and large estates.

These signs are customizable. The client may choose the symbols and message he wants to communicate. However, in most cases, the colours remain the same: red, dark blue and white. The symbols or messages are red or dark blue, while the background is white.

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