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Holiday signs

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Information on Holiday signs

There are a vast number of annual holidays and each one has its own specific symbols that are associated with it. It is therefore important to cater holiday signs specifically to the holiday they are representing.

Christmas signs tend to follow a colour scheme of reds, greens and gold as these are most associated with this time. Holly leaf, Santa, reindeers, snowmen and stockings are just a few of the myriad symbols that are related to this festive time.

Easter is all about chocolate and spring. Colours tend to be softer pastels symbolizing rebirth, and eggs and lambs also feature prominently throughout.

Even the arrival of summer holidays can necessitate signs. Advertising the oncoming of summer is usually done through yellows and blues denoting the sea and sand. Accompanying this colour scheme are images of the beach, sun shades, palm trees and other exotic objects all creating the idea of warmth and relaxation.

Whatever the sign, it needs to be big bright and bold. They can be displayed in the window of the building as decoration, or even outside reminding passer-by of the current season. Smaller signs can be placed within buildings and these signs can also be transferred to leaflet size as well.

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