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Construction site signs

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Information on Construction site signs

Construction site signs are meant to ensure the safety of site personnel, as well as visitors and passers-by. They are also intended to warn those who wish to break the law. Several types of signs fall into this category. Examples include: ‘Construction Site Authorized Personnel Only’ ‘Construction Site Keep Out’ ‘Construction Site No Trespassing’ ‘Danger - Construction Site Is Protected by Video Surveillance’ or ‘Keep Out - Construction Site Under 24 Hour Surveillance Signs’ etc.

In fact, the texts of Construction Site Signs are customizable, and it is up to the customer to choose the one he deems appropriate. Like text, symbols and dimensions, the colours of each sign are customizable and depend solely on the discretion of the customer. The most popular colours are yellow and white for the background and red, black and blue for texts and symbols.

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