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Clinic signs

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Information on Clinic signs

A clinic sign will be the first thing patients see when arriving at the building. It should be above the first door they arrive at, and it should clearly indicate what the clinic is for and its name. If it is a small clinic there can also be a list of the doctors or nurses who work there, giving full information to all patients on arrival. It needs to be an informative sign; many clinic signs will also have the specific location of the clinic on their sign as well as important contact details.

Clinic Sign Extras

Door Names

This will vary depending on the clinic, but each doctor or nurse should have their name on a plaque on their office door. In larger clinics where there may be a range of specialists, it is also important to put the specific area of expertise on the door under their name for complete clarity.

Different Departments

Small clinics probably won’t have this issue, but larger ones may have a number of different specialties working within the same building. It is important therefore to make sure that each different department is clearly labelled, complete with directions, so that patients can find their way to the right doctor, waiting room or clinic room.

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