Plastic signs colour printing

We offer plastic signs with colour printing made from foam PVC, often known as Forex. This is an affordable option for those looking for an easily bendable, relatively firm, lightweight material. Thanks to its light weight, it has a multitude of uses. Plastic signs made from foam PVC are often used as advertising signs, company signs, office signs and information signs, and sometimes as door signs. The advantage of plastic signs with colour printing is that you can get the motifs you want in colour, with the text, image or logo printed digitally on the surface.

Our plastic signs have a minimum size of 70 x 30 mm and a maximum size of 1000 x 1000 mm. All the signs are 3 mm thick. The signs can be attached to a wall or other flat surface using screws, self-adhesive tape or flag attachment. For the “hanging” fixing method, the sign comes with holes so that it can be hung on a wall using nails, screws or hooks.

Our plastic signs with colour printing can be used both indoors and outdoors, but last longer when used indoors. For anyone looking for a more durable option for outdoor use, we instead recommend our engraved plastic signs or aluminium signs. 

You can design your own plastic sign on the Design Page. Add the text of your choice and upload your preferred images. 


Plastic signs in foam PVC are a popular option that can be used for almost anything. Common uses include the following:

  • Company signs, information signs, office signs or advertising signs.
  • Thanks to their light weight, plastic signs in foam PVC are the ideal choice for display items for fairs or shop or boat interiors.

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